A Word from Our Owner:

After 7 years of doing custom Audio and Video Designs and Installations on my own, I am becoming a bit more selective in the work I take on, so please read the following:

I now offer consulting work for those that are do it yourselfers, or wish to have a low-cost provider do their AV work. Generally, we are no more expensive than the big box stores and do better quality work, but I don’t try to convince people of this.

So, without exception, unless you are a returning customer, or referred by a present customer, I will now be charging a sliding scale between $75-$150, depending on how far away from Asheville people are. For this, I will visit your site and prepare a written proposal, naming ideas, products, and pricing parameters. If we do your installation and the labor is more than $300, I will credit the consultation charge on the final installation bill. If not, you will have an excellent design for not a lot of money. I do this with some regret, but unfortunately I could stay busy every day giving out free designs and I can no longer do this.

After these 7 years and after working for two other local AV companies and competing against most of the other Audio/Video companies in the area, I feel confident in stating that we will be will more competent and cost effective, through more efficient designs, installation and service than anybody else in the Western North Carolina area. We are also friendly and easy to work with and I encourage you to read the Testimonials on our website to corroborate this.

Our designs lend themselves to be user friendly and after we complete our installations, it is unusual for us to hear from our customers regarding problems. It is more common for us to hear about how happy our customers are with the work we have done. Our efficiency saves our customers money on labor and I personally promise that we will be around to provide prompt and competent service, as this is what I base my reputation on and we have references available to back this up.

Unfortunately, the traditional AV business model leads you to the last two companies I worked for, until beginning Cane Creek AV in 2011. One of these companies no longer exists and the other has exited the entertainment industry. I continue to fully support my customers from both. Without the overhead of a showroom, without direct employees and with just the three of us doing all the work ourselves, the quality of our work is truly excellent. This business model enables me to do our work more efficiently, with greater reliability, better financial stability, greater audio/video capabilities and much more responsive service.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website and we look forward to serving you.