Housing underneath stairs

This is the area underneath the stairs where the equipment is housed. We told the security company how to run wire in this house and even made room for their security equipment, next to ours.

Fifty-five inch TV over fireplace

55in Samsung Plasma TV over the fireplace with a two channel Klipsch/Denon sound system. The original installation, not performed by us, had the cable box, Wii and DVD player sitting on the mantle. The look was terrible, as was the sound quality from the TV speakers. We moved all of the equipment into an adjacent closet and control is though a touch screen remote. The door to the closet does not have to be opened for the remote to work. The owners like the new sound quality as much as the new look!!

50in Panasonic Plasma TV and solid Walnut Argos speakers

Due to the glass area, our customer in Waynesville had nowhere to put a TV in their Living Room, so we installed this one over their fireplace, with a Martin Logan SoundBar underneath the TV for excellent sound in a difficult room. We don’t need to use a subwoofer with this particular SoundBar. All of the equipment is in an area underneath the stairs and total control of the TV and House Music system is via an iPad.

Home Theater with projector

We were asked to replace several old, rusted out, non-functioning, speakers in this customers North Asheville home. This pair was square and many of the other speakers required perfect replacement matches, due to the unique placement of some of the speakers over doors and plaster walls. We used KEF speakers for this home. Because of the plaster, the Wi-Fi network didn’t work well, so we fixed this and control over two zones of audio is via an iPad and an iPhone.

In-cabinet TV

This is an installation of a TV that normally resides inside the cabinet. When the owner pushes the TV ON button on his Touch Screen Remote, the TV rises and is ready to watch. All controls, including the House Music system, are through a Touch Screen Remote.

Small tv in bathroom

This customer in Waynesville asked us to place a TV in their Bathroom, so we did. The equipment is in the linen closet and control is via IR.

Larger tv install

The owners of this home wanted a new, larger TV for their Great Room with excellent quality sound. The house is about 10 years old and the cabinet above the fireplace held an old fashioned 27in tube TV. We created an access door on the side for equipment and installed a 55 Panasonic 3D plasma TV, with a 5 channel powered Sound Bar below it. Behind the TV is a powered subwoofer and the Blu-Ray player is accessed on the side behind the door. The room was painted to give the TV wall a warmer look. The system looks and sounds great.

Home theater system setup

This is a 2.2 system with Klipsch THX In-Wall speakers higher on the wall than the two Klipsch THX In-Wall subwoofers. These are speakers for the TV sound, as well as House Music. All of the electronic equipment is located in a lower level closet, except for a Blu-Ray player, which is located adjacent to the room on the same level as the TV, in an easily accessable closet. Control is though a RF controlled touch screen remote.

26in TV in kitchen

26in Samsung TV in the Kitchen with necessary equipment located out of sight in a closet.

60in Plasma TV mounted on wall in Great room

Customers 60in Plasma TV Tilt mounted way above the floor in their Great Room. All equipment is to the right of the Fireplace and controlled via a Universal Remote Control.

55in Panasonic Plasma TV in customers Master Bedroom

This is a 55in Panasonic Plasma TV in our customers Master Bedroom. The DVD player is located underneath the TV, while the rest of the equipment is located on the back of the TV itself!! Control is through a ess expensive, Universal Remote Control.

Lower level living room with 70in LED-LCD TV

This is a 7.1 Channel Surround Sound System featuring a 70in Sharp LED-LCD TV in the owners Lower Level Living Room. The side and rear speakers are located in the ceiling. All equipment is adjacent in the Mechanical Room and the system is controlled via a Touch Screen Remote, which also controls the House Music system on this level of the house.

55in Panasonic Plasma TV on a solid brick fireplace

This is a 55in Panasonic Plasma TV we mounted on a solid brick fireplace. We custom designed and built the mantle out of solid walnut owned by the customers late father. The mantle hides the wiring and also hides the seven channel loudspeaker we used for Surround Sound. The equipment and subwoofer are contained inside the cabinetry and the system is easily controlled by a Touch Screen Remote control.

Sixty five inch TV over fireplace

This is a 65in TV over a fireplace in Burnsville, NC. Originally, there were no video wires or power to the eventual TV location. All of the equipment is located inside the cabinets to the right of the Fireplace and the system is controlled by a Touch Screen Remote, as is the House Music system. We did three systems like this in Steve and Linda's home, as well as the House Music system.

Cane Creek Music Room First Photo

This is the Cane Creek AVV owners listening room, often referred to as his Man Cave. It is more for listening to music, but it is also often used for watching movies with the family. While it isn't Surround Sound, it is remarkable in its ability to sound truly lifelike.